EO/GM Email: Review Tickets Sales & Adjust Schedules - Last Chance for Special Requests
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Review Initial Ticket Sales & Adjust Schedules

Event registration opened yesterday and 41% of all events are already sold out (or nearly so). Locations will be confirmed soon, but we have a window of about a week for event organizers to review their events and determine what adjustments may be warranted to match apparent demand.

If some of your events did well and others are lagging, consider adjusting the former up and latter down, especially if it does not impact your overall space required to run all of your events. Just email [email protected] the game IDs and what yo want to change the max players to.

If some/all of your events filled up (or look like they're about to) and you have the staff to run more or larger sessions, let us know as well. Email us to change existing events or if submit new events if you want to run more events at different times.

Last Reminder about Special Requests

These were due yesterday, as well, so if you have not requested your HQ table (or anything else) please fill out the form ASAP or we may not be able accommodate you needs.

If you need anythingdifferent from the default configurations for different event types that are laid out in the Event Host Policy, you need to let us know by this Sunday, May 6: fill out the special request formwith the details.

Special requests include things like:

  • HQ tables
  • Electricity
  • Lockable security cage for storage at an HQ
  • Special table sizes or configuration/layout
  • Security to monitor your event space when your staff are not there
  • Really anything else that applies to more than one event

Basically, if you need something just for an event (a different sized table, or a specific room) you need to specify that in the event submission itself, But a request that applies to your event space as a whole or even just multiple events must be submitted in the special request form so that we can make sure it is properly tracked and fulfilled.

You do notneed to submit the form is just needed a different table size than default or if you'll have more/fewer players than default. Those were things you specified on a per-event bases in the submission itself, though you'll certainly want to double-check to confirm they were account for when you submitted them.

If you do not receive an affirmative confirmation that your request has been finalized (and you have paid for any applicable costs), then it has not been and you should not expect it to be set up for you at the convention.

Another Reminder - Late Events, AKA "I Can't Find My Events"

The majority of events are now Active and viewable by attendees, but if your events are not showing up in the Event Finder, the most likely reason is that you submitted it afterthe March 10 deadline or that it was returned to you for some correction.

We will continue to accept and confirm late events as long as we have the time and space to do so, but they are handled afterwe have dealt with events that were submitted on time. We'll be going through those and Activating them as soon as we can, so you'll want to keep an eye out for email notifications and promote your events once they are turned on.

If your events were Returned to you for Correction, please make the necessary updates and re-submit them, and we'll review those as soon as we have a chance to do so, as well. You can check on the status of your events by going to your EO/GM Dashboard. You can also export your event data there, if you need to review lots of events.

If you have any questions about your events or aren't sure what changes you need to make to have your events approved, just email [email protected] we'll go over them with you.

Posted by muktidata

I need to increase the player maximum on my event. I've emailed as well.

Posted by derekguder

Great - we'll update that as soon as we have a chance to get through emails.

Derek Guder
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC

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