Wednesday Night Gaming
Posted by hendelbolaf

I am running a couple of official games on Thursday and they filled up within 12 minutes when event registration opened. I have had requests to run Wednesday night for about four to six players. How do I go about getting space to run for them? I can send in a late request for a slot, but I want to make sure those who did not get into the Thursday games are included, otherwise it loses its meaning.

is there an alternative route where I just ask for room for free play or would Gen Con rather I go through official channels?

thank you!

Posted by derekguder

You can submit additional events, as normal, but there is no way to limit access to a subset of attendees.

The only other way to secure space, really, would be to plan to meet up with some of those players and then stop by an event HQ to request a table whenever you are ready to play. Chances are we can find you a spot, but you can't reserve it ahead of time.

Derek Guder
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC

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