Wednesday Union Station HQ?
Posted by nscott

Is the Union Station HQ up and running all day on Wednesday? The space seems a little underutilized right now, so I was wondering if you can go to the HQ and get directed to a table to use for a couple of hours midday.

Posted by roderick

We have been in the past; I haven't heard that we won't be this year. We are usually set up by Wednesday noon.

Roderick Robertson
Union Stationmaster

Posted by nscott

Thanks! Still hoping some additional wed. Events will get added, but wanted to have a back-up plan.

Posted by marimaccadmin

Hi nscott,

I don't know when the Union Station HQ will be operational this year, it usually is some on Wednesday, but I can tell you that there is free space in the Union Station MOST of Wednesday still.  Ask the HQ if they are there.  If they aren't, you can try and find an available table, just be prepared to move if need be.

Of course, if you submit that as an actual event, I can reserve you a table. :)

Marian McBrine
Event Coordinator
Gen Con LLC

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