3rd year of Gen Con Survivor
Posted by patriotx

Looking for people to join us again for our third year of Gen Con Survivor! Play the Gen Con version of the hit TV show. This year's title is Survivor: The Blessed & the Cursed. Outwit, Outlast & Outplay. Play challenges, social strategies and others off the island to win prizes and the title of sole survivor. Fight hard to be one of the blessed and make things easier on yourself. Avoid the trials and tribulations suffered by those who're cursed. Be careful fate can be fickle and those who were blessed can find themselves to be cursed. We provide a pizza lunch for the players who make it to the merge. Prizes are awarded to the winners. All players are invited back in the last half hour to be part of the jury which will vote for the sole survivor. 

Posted by annahnb01

I'm interested in this game. Do we need to bring anything. I used to be a big fan of the show and would love the chance to play in something based off of the show. So do we compete in challenges, have time to play out the social aspect and vote at tribal?

Posted by patriotx

You don't need to bring anything. You should love this event. We have challenges, buffs, tribal, immunity idols, pizza merge feast and monetary prizes. Come join us.

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