Last Chance to Double-Check Everything

The event department is traveling to Indianapolis now, so Gen Con is just around the corner, so there are only a few days to do one last check to make sure everything is in order.

Have you assigned all your GM badges? Did you request your GM badge allocation to be able to assign your badges? If you have not assigned a badge to an account in our system, it does not exist and will not be waiting for you at the show. You will have to fill out a request onsite for a badge and come back later to pick it up after we've been able to print and sort it.

Do you need to make any last-minute tweaks to your events? Take one more look to avoid any unneeded stress onsite. If you find a problem, let us know.

Did you specifically request anything special that you might need? It's too late to arrange for most new special requests now, but just make sure you submitted your request and your events are confirmed. If you are unsure, follow up to verify.

Did you pay any outstanding invoices you have for any special requests? Double-check by going to "My Orders" under your name at the top right. If you have an outstanding order, please pay it now.

Incident Reporting

If you encounter or witness any concerning incident at Gen Con, from violation of Gen Con policy to a disruption to harassment, please let us know immediately so we can take appropriate action. The convention is very large and there are thousands of events going on at the same time - if something happens, even if it seems minor, let us know so that we're aware of what our attendees are experiencing and can react appropriately to deal with any issues.

The first step would be to go to the nearest event team member, which will often be at the nearest Event HQ. If that is closed or no one is there at the time, you can also visit the Show Office in room 112 in the convention center, or call them at 317-262-5900.

If you are concerned for anyone's safety, please contact the venue staff immediately. That means an Event HQ or the Show Office or anyone in a staff shirt in the convention center and either the Event HQ or front desk in a hotel.

If you have any questions or concerns about the reporting process, please stop by the Show Office.

Turn In Event Tickets All Weekend

When an event is done, make sure to fill out the ticket envelope and put all the tickets used for that event into that envelope. Drop it off at the nearest event HQ as soon as you have a chance to do so.

Try to turn in tickets as soon after your events as you can. Try not to wait until Sunday to drop them all off at GM HQ in a big batch.

Also, if you are concerned about ticket recon (usually because you have a significant additional fee you need to be paid per player), take photos of all your tickets as a quality high enough to be able to read the information off of them, so we have a backup in the event something goes wrong.

Unless Explicitly Requested, Setup & Breakdown Must Be Within Scheduled Times

As a general reminder: unless you specifically requested a setup or breakdown window, none was scheduled and you may be scheduled right up against the start or end time of another event. That means that you should expect to only gain access to your space at the time listed in the system and should be prepared to relinquish that space at the time you are scheduled to end.

How tight that schedule is will depend on time of day and type of event, with most games having a bit of a buffer between events scheduled by different companies or groups. But many other events that take up a full room (such as seminars) are scheduled much more tightly, so you need to plan to wrap up your event 5-10 minutes before the scheduled ending time, so you can leave when the next event needs to come in to start their event.

If you have any questions, let us know or stop by the local event HQ.