2019 Event Planning
Posted by nscott

    Do you have any general thoughts you can share about how events will be distrubuted across the event space for 2019? I’m an independent GM who primarily submits miniatures games. It usually involves moving in a large amount of material, so if I get lucky in the housing lottery it be nice to make a choice that is most conviently located to where the events are likely to end up.

Posted by rong

I am interested in this information as well.

I plan to list a preferred location in my event submissions, though I don't know if that has any weight.

Posted by derekguder

Unfortunately, we don't nail down locations until we get into event placement, but broadly I don't anticipate any drastic changes from 2018, to be honest. There are certainly individual companies or groups that will move around, but broad categories of games are likely to be near where they were before, at least on the scale of what hotels would be nearby.

Sorry I can't provide more concrete detail before housing registration.

As for location requests, we always try to honor those first before turning to events that don't have any specific needs or requests for space. It usually works out, but there's obviously no guarantee.

Derek Guder
Senior Event & Program Manager
Gen Con LLC

Posted by nscott

No problem, just knowing that the starting point ( before all the uncontrollable variables) is going to be about the same as before is the information I was looking for.

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