2019 Event Registration
Posted by marv

When can we start submitting events to the Event Submission Form https://gencon.com/event_registrations/new?

Posted by pkanouse

They posted this on the Gen Con Facebook page yesterday:

Gen Con 2019 Important Dates
Event Submission Begins – January 6 (Noon Eastern) 
Last year was great, but you wished that Gen Con had a couple sessions of that one game you love playing? Consider running it! Expose fellow gamers to one of your favorites, have fun playing it yourself, and get a few extra bucks in your pocket for your trip to the Exhibit Hall. Updated Event Host Policy coming in the next couple weeks. 

Badge Registration Opening Day – January 13 (Noon Eastern) We hereby declare Gen Con Badge Registration Opening Day an International Holiday. That's how it works right? Even if we can't make it a real holiday, you can dice up your own holiday giving with a downloadable Gen Con holiday card! Print it out, make a note on the back that you're taking your favorite gaming partner to Gen Con 2019, and revel in being the best gift giver ever (find these on our Facebook page!)

Hotel Registration Opens – January 27 (Noon Eastern)  
Snag a hotel in the Gen Con discounted housing block! More info to come soon. 

Online Event Registration Begins – May 19 (Noon Eastern) 
As we get closer to Event Reg, we'll have more information to share, but for now, mark this date on your calendar! This is when you'll submit your wish list of all the events you'd like to attend at Gen Con 2019. 

Ship to Me Deadline – June 16 (Midnight Eastern) 
Conveniently have your badge and event tickets mailed to you! This is the last day that you can select the USPS Priority Mail option for your Gen Con packet. Awesome exclusives to be included in Ship to Me packets this year. More info to come later! 

Gen Con 2019 – August 1-4, 2019

Posted by austicke

January 6

​​​​​​​Alec Usticke, Fans of Gen Con Facebook Group

Posted by marv

Thank you pkanouse and austicke!!
What do I fields will I need to be entering? Obviously, title, game system, and summary. Anything else? Date/time?
I want to be well prepared with all my events before the 6th. 

Posted by pkanouse

I will be submitting my first events this year, but looking at previous year items, they have space for number of players, length of time, age level, experience with system, etc. 

Here are last year’s events listing that can at least give a view of the information: 

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