EO/GM email: Event Host Policy Updated for 2019 - Event Submission Opens January 6
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Event Host Policy updated for 2019
Changes in the Event Host Policy
Event Submission opens January 6

Coming Up:
Event Submission 1/6
Early Submission Closes 2/3
Event Submission Deadline 3/10
Event Host Policy (EHP) Updated for 2019

You can download the revised policy here.

There are no dramatic changes for most events, but please make sure to review the document before submitting your events. Some sections may not apply to you but the EHP gives a baseline for what is expected to run events, as well as what is provided, and has sections on how to handle tickets, request badges, get reimbursed for hotel rooms, etc.

If after reviewing the EHP you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you have not submitted events before (or if you just want some refreshers), you'll want to check out our tips for running and submitting events.

Changes & Reminders in the Event Host Policy

The Event Host Policy always has a breakdown of the changes to the current version, below is a quick summary. Check the EHP for more details!

  • Only Tickets are Tickets  

Only an event ticket is a ticket. This means that to participate in an event, an attendee must have a physical ticket (either for a given event or generics) or electronic ticket (only for select events and their badge must be scannable). Receipts, email confirmations, online schedules, and screenshots are not tickets and are not valid for entry into an event. 

  • Only Select Events Have Electronic Tickets 

Only specific events are authorized and set up to accept electronic tickets. Unless you have been explicitly instructed to accept electronic tickets, do not do so. =small=16pxEmail confirmations, receipts, and online schedules are not electronic tickets. All electronic tickets are linked with a badge and are redeemed by scanning the bar code on the badge. 

  • Seminars Wrap Up a Few Minutes Early & Keep All Events on Schedule 

Because they are often scheduled back-to-back, seminars will be adjusted to end a few minutes before the hour, allowing time to change over. 

  • Areas and Banners 

All HQ tables and areas must be kept professional: neat and tidy. Do not leave trash or unused event supplies out. Dispose of or store them properly. Any group or company with a dedicated HQ may set up an additional banner behind their HQ, up to 10’ x 8’, as long as it does block traffic or site lines. Make sure to note this on any HQ requests.

Event Submission Opens January 6

Early event submission on Sunday, January 6 at 12 pm (eastern), so make sure to get your details in to us so that your events can be reviewed (and ultimately placed) ahead of the general rush. Early submission does not guarantee the placement requested, but it does make it much easier to accommodate.

When submitting events, make sure to keep in mind historical attendance levels - generally you want to be conservative with your estimates. It is better to have a full event than an under-attended one. Review your attendance data from prior years, or for similar events, and use that to adjust your schedule moving forward. If you need assistance with that, just let us know before you start submitting everything.
 If you have not submitted events before (or if you just want some refreshers), you'll want to check out our tips for running and submitting events.

Key Reference Dates 

Show Dates

August 1-4, 2019 

Event Submission 

January 6, 2019 

Badge Registration 

January 13, 2019 

Event Registration Opens

May 19, 2019 

Late Event Submission Closes

6 weeks before the convention 

Event Tickets Turned in

Onsite – by 5 pm (Eastern) on the last day of the convention at GM HQ. 

Post Show - received at the Gen Con LLC offices within 2 weeks after the convention 

Posted by jetermi

I have a Event Host Policy question....if we have an event that is 5hrs long, Gencon get $6 because this is 3 - 2hr blocks of table time.  Does that count as 6 hours towards complimentary housing totals or 5?  I ask because really we are paying for 6 hours of table time even though the event is 5 hours.

Posted by marimaccadmin

Hi jetermi,

Thanks for your question; but I just wanted to clarify, because I'm worried that there's a little confusion here; for your 5 hour event, when you submit it, the Gen Con base price will be $6, but this is a fee that will be added to the cost of the tickets for players.  It's not something you, as an event submitter, will have to pay. Let me know if you have any questions about that.

But yes, the calculation for player hours for events, for both badge and hotel purposes, whether receiving it in advance (which is very limited for housing), or receiving post show reimbursement, is that each event generates a number of player-hours equal to its duration multiplied by the maximum number of players, as indicated on the event submission form.  Thus, a 5 hour event for 10 people generates 50 player hours.  Hope that clarifies things, let us know if you need any further help.

Marian McBrine
Event Coordinator
Gen Con LLC

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