Unused e-Tickets as Generics
Posted by dballing

I perused the latest EHP but couldn't find this topic.

The status quo used to be (and still is) any unused event ticket, which was in the past, could be treated by a future GM [in the same year, obviously] for face value as a generic.

My read of the e-Tickets thing is basically "unless you're an eTicket event, don't even think about trying to collect eTickets" -- which obviously makes complete sense. But it seems, then, that eTickets have a fractionally lower value to players (after all, an unused paper ticket retains generic value, an unused eTicket has none).

Is there a plan to account for this in some way [currently or in the future]?

Posted by selene314

For me, the ability to return eTickets online will be worth more than paper tickets' ability to potentially be used as generics.
I usually end up with a few generics that I don't consider worth waiting in the customer service line to return.

Posted by dballing

There's certainly that aspect to consider. It just seems that (a) the EHP might want to explicitly call out in the "use any past ticket" language that e-Tickets are excluded from that, and (b) potentially account for that scenario in the future.

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