Export link on dashboard...
Posted by triad1

I submitted events, then I noticed the Export Events link on the dashboard. I can’t remember seeing this before or how/what this link is used for.  Anyone know?  Thanks.

Posted by derekguder

It's been there since we went to the current model. It's there to allow you to export your event data for later reference, particularly for folks that run a lot of events, since times it's easier to review events in bulk, or for folks that need to look at data and track attendance, etc.

If anyone is curious about it or wants tips on how to use/navigate the data, just let me know. I'm quite used to manipulating that file now :)

Derek Guder
Senior Event & Program Manager
Gen Con LLC

Posted by triad1

Ah.  Ok. I suspected it must be something along those lines.  Thanks.

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