Free Sunday event creation?
Posted by spacemonkeymafia

How do you request a free Sunday event.  In past years, the event system prompted you to see if you wanted to consider running a free event (usually for family/kid friendly gaming).  Is that a thing still?  What is the criteria to open that style of event?  Thanks!

Posted by marimaccadmin

Here's the info on that, from page 11 of the Event Host Policy:

"FREE EVENTS Seminars, events on Wednesday, and most anime and film events are free for attendees with a valid badge. The Gen Con base price is $0. You may not add an additional fee to any free event without prior Gen Con approval. Other events may only be run for free with Gen Con approval (such as on Sunday or KID events). Email [email protected] to request such approval. Running free games usually requires renting the space required to run them. Refer to the Contracted Event Space section for more information. Free events to do not contribute toward badge or hotel credit."

So, just email us. :)

Marian McBrine
Event Coordinator
Gen Con LLC

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