My solo gaming group was removed from my events
Posted by sysop073

Every indication I can find on the forums is that a single person can still qualify for a GM badge if they make up their own gaming group and put that name down on their events. I historically haven't had enough hours to try this, but I did this year, so I put my own name down in the "gaming group" slot on the event registration form, but yesterday while accepting the events for consideration, Gencon also cleared the gaming group field on all my events. What's the right way to go about putting my events under my own "group"?

Posted by parody

The Group doesn't matter for individual GMs who are going to apply for reimbursement.  If you care how it appears in the events listing, send an email to [email protected].

Posted by rong

A single GM can be a group. I think the group has to be created by Gen Con folks.

My first year running games, I requested a badge reimbursement after the show. When I got confirmation of the reimbursement, I was also told they jad created a group for me for future use.

Since then, I've been able to run my games under a group, and as such, can get a GM badge for the con.

If you end up with enough hours to qualify for badge reimbursement this year, I would guess next year you will be able to submit via your group.

Posted by marimaccadmin

Ok, I took a quick look at one of your events.

Yes, you CAN have a gaming group of just one, you are correct, and that can potentially qualify you for a GM badge in advance, as opposed to post show reimbursement.  You don't have to do anything to create a group; but the group name should not simply be your name.  That's very likely why it was deleted.  Just make up some sort of name for your group, and you can email [email protected] requesting it be added to your events.

Marian McBrine
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