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Posted by alukeman

Hello! I just tried to fill out the GM Hotel Request form, but I think the link in the "Important Links" section is for GC2018. Does anyone know where the link for this year's Hotel Requests is?

Thanks all!

Posted by msteinbo

I believe the 2019 Hotel and Badge request forms are not up yet and will be soon.  

Posted by sethstewart

Count me curious as well.

Posted by roderick

I sent a note to the GC staff to let them know. Haven't heard back yet. 

Roderick Robertson
Forum Coordinator 
Gen Con, LLC. 

Posted by sethstewart

The GM Badge Allocation Request From for 2019 is up, but the link for the hotels seems to be for 2018.

Posted by mikeboozer

The Events Team is currently working on GM Badge allocations and updating the form. They hope to have it up and available in May although it may not be ready until after Event Registration opens. Thanks for your patience.
Be sure to check back often!

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Mike Boozer
Customer Service & Events Team Manager
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Posted by alukeman

OK, good to know! The Event Host Guide says that the Hotel Request Deadline is May 5, so I was starting to get worried that maybe I was missing something!  Thanks all!

Posted by mrshiny

Any update on Hotel Request Form?  Still after Event Reg?  Is the pool for the GM Hotel Room block looking about the same as it has been?

Posted by grtbrt

Any updates on this ?

Posted by jew3

Any update on the hotel form yet? 

Posted by boardcrunch

FYI everyone, the form is live.

Posted by mrshiny

For self-pay rooms, I see the form only asks for number of rooms.  When should we expect to find out if we can get all we requested or not so we can provide the names of the guests? 

Posted by thrud62

I wish a notice had been sent out letting us know we now had access to GM room reservations. I happened to look online and found i suddenly had access. I now have an off site hotel and i need to make parking arrangements at event since my hotel is offsite. 

For those of you who have been waiting for notice that you have a room . SURPRISE look under housing now.

It will also ask you for names and emails of other guests so have this information ready. Last years system was much better. 

Posted by msteinbo

Hi all, anyone get response on hotel request?  I haven’t heard either way so worried I didn’t fill out the form right.  Thanks all!

Posted by catlin

We have not hears yet either. 

Posted by catlin catlin

catlin wrote:
We have not heard yet either. 

Posted by alukeman

Are you folks self-pay or complimentary?  We are self-pay and have heard back on ours.

Posted by derekguder

All hotel requests, whether self-pay or complimentary, were responded to, and a reminder about it was also sent out to the GM email list - if you submitted a request and have not heard back at this point, please email your details to [email protected] ASAP so we can get it sorted out.

Derek Guder
Senior Event & Program Manager
Gen Con LLC

Posted by catlin

Message sent.

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