Artemis 2021
Posted by lamecaptainryan

It looks like I missed the deadline for this year's GenCon. I have a portable Artemis spaceship simulator and am wanting more info on how it all works. 

My bridge is located in Louisville KY, pics Nd video available at 

I just attended/hosted Artemis at Conglomeration so the most recent pics are from this Easter weekend with the setup I'd like to bring out in 2021.

Posted by rutherfordr

You didn't miss the deadline!

Get in touch with [email protected], and they'll help you out.

Posted by quarex

Yeah you can sign up to host an event up until, like, what, the week of the show?  Now the longer you wait the less likely people will know about your event, but in this era of everyone carrying a portable supercomputer in their pocket, it is more likely than ever!

Posted by lamecaptainryan

Thanks. I'm going to check out this years Artemis setup and hopefully talk with the people that run it, I'm not sure about all the specifics regarding ticket cost, space requirements, construction of temporary walls etc. My set up takes approximately 13 feet by 17 feet by 8feet tall and uses 7 computers, 11 monitors, 2 televisions. 2 sets of additional speakers, 2 "warp corps" and requires about 4 hours of setup and tear down. I would be bringing it from Louisville so I need to arrange the transportation, lodging etc... I don't know that this year is feasible for me due to some other factors involving work, but I am much more likely to be available for 2021. 

Does anyone know the typucal price for an Artemis experience and if 30, 60, 90, or 120 min missions (or a mix of all) is preferred? 

I was thinking of running a couple learner 30 min games each day then probably just running 60 min games. If a crew booked two 60 min games back to back I would totally be open to running a GM'ed 2 hour mission. 

I enjoy running the game and want to be sure that my players enjoy their time, not that it will be easy, but I want everyone who walks away from the game to feel like they did something unique and worthwhile with the time they spent in the simulator.

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