Odd question and something i may be misreading on/slight fit of pre con paranoia.

I have gotten to use to over the years buy a attendee pass in order to get access to housing lotto. I book a room knowing that eventually i'll get a GM/exhibitor badge as i generally (past 5+ years) volunteer for someone.

I contact customer service get my refund for attendee badge and move on and housing is okay as i still have a valid badge even if i loose access to the housing portal due to website quirk (per Q rooms i'm okay as i have a badge in years past). 

What's throwing me off is this line in the automated email tied to my GM badge: Housing: GM badges grants the “purchaser” access to the Gen Con housing block. This is a self-pay block of rooms at various hotel properties and at various price points. There is limited inventory, but rooms do come online periodically as cancellations arise, etc. so we encourage you to check back from time to time.Access to this housing block is only available to Event Organizers, the account holder who assigns badges. If you are a GM, you are not eligible to request a room through your account, you will need to make housing arrangements through your EO. EOs, you will see a unique link to the housing portal on the “My Housing” page within your groups Gen Con Account.

Help/advice appreciated as i don't want to lose my hotel for con.