1st time Gencon, 1st time FEPH - How to Assign Badges?
Posted by quantumpotato

Hello I have 2 "GM" badges in my company account.
When I go here https://www.gencon.com/badge_selection I can purchase a GM badge for myself...
But it wants a badge code?
When I try to join an event, "(my name) does not have a badge for when this event starts, or their badge does not provide them access to it"
I am confused.
How do I assign a badge to myself? How do I assign one to a guest GM?

Posted by quantumpotato

Ok I think I see -- now that I made the FEPH purchase, I can purchase a GM badge for 0 and "assign" it to myself.
Or assign it to someone else via email. 
Hope this post helps someone else

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