Question for Event Schedulers
Posted by genghis_sean

Just finished a pretty full Thursday where I somewhat foolishly, at age 48, agreed to GM four three-hour Zombicide: Black Plague, 3D games back-to-back-to-back-to back beginning at 8 AM and ending at 8 PM.  What neither the schedulers or I foresaw was how I was carrying a 50 lb. backpack containing all my stuff including my plaster walls a mile to get to the Convention Center for my first event in Hall A only to have my next two events on the floor of Lucas Oil and then my final event back in Hall A.  Obviously, it's problematic to have an elaborate setup of 3D plaster molded walls only to have to break them down and lug them all the way across Gen Con and set them up again with no time built in.  I blame myself, but I wonder if next year there's a way to ensure all four games are in the same location.  Could I not request this in the same place where you specify that you need special tables and other similar requests?  Do you suppose such a request would be honored?  Thanks.  I should note that even with today's setup, I got it done and great time was had by all, total party wipes notwithstanding.

Posted by buffythecatslayer

Email [email protected] ASAP.  Chances are they might check that before they see the forum post.

I hear they have something big going on this week, and are a bit busy, but I can’t think what it might be. ;-)

Posted by rong

Yes, you can request a specific location in the special requirements section. Although a request is not guaranteed, they do their best to accomodate such things if possible. The earlier the events are submitted, the better chance of those requests be fulfilled.

Posted by rbree

My son and i were running 2 hour games back to back in the same room along with another member of gaming group and they had us switch tables every 2 hours.  Me T3 to T4, Nathan T4 to T1,  Keith T1 to T3 to T1.  We just a;l agreed to sit still and redirected players to the right table.  And yes our EC requested to all be in the same space for our events.

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