Have some D&D knowledge and Dungeon Master experience? Enjoy Harry Potter and what happens at Hogwarts 5, 6, or even 7 years after Voldemort? Are you agreeable to rewards like Free Gen Con 4 day Badges, Cash, and other Swag?

If so, please send me a PM with an email address and I'll add you to the "No Rails Adventure" team mailing list for 2020. We begin recruiting, planning, and early scheduling for 2020 in as early as December 2019.

2020 will be the third year we've offered Harry Potter D&D adventures and we plan on growing from the 38 Sold Out events we had in 2019, as well as release another sequel module for players to continue the adventure at Hogwarts year after year.

Player and GM feedback is 100% positive and have definitely enjoyed both playing and running the event.
Specific benefits offered:
- Complimentary four day badge for volunteers who run 4 sessions (which occur at time of their choice, 16 hours total over the course of Gen Con Thursday - Sunday).
- $10 per session cash paid after your last event. ($40 for four events)
- Free Team T-Shirt
- Supplies for games (player "wands" and this year we gave out to judges a Temporary Death Eater tattoo)
- Access to Gen Con Exclusive Harry Potter Module to play test and use with you home and local groups. Participate in an ongoing story line that continues from year to year. Great fun to GM as players are engaged and guaranteed to surprise you with their antics.

PM me if you want to chat, we can message or have a quick call to discuss any questions.