Tickets and System Credit: How does it work?
Posted by treyalsup

Can someone point me to a faq or something about how you are compensated for your events? Are there some timing issues involved? 

For example, I think I should be credited for $390 of ticket sales, but I have a $200 account balance. Of course that could be for something else, events I returned, etc. and I've been credited nothing for my event.

I'm guessing there's a page that lays this all out but my search skills have failed.

Thanks in advance.


Posted by derekguder

It depends on what you are asking about, but it is all explained in the Event Host Policy that you inked to.

There is no connection between system credit and running events, unless you request a GM badge refund be issued to system credit. System credit is only generated from buying something as an attendee and then requesting a refund for it that is specifically to system credit instead of the original method of payment.

Compensation for running events falls into one of three categories:

  1. Badge Reimbursement: You either request a GM badge before the show or request a refund afterward, but either way a badge is refunded if you run enough events.
  2. Hotel Reimbursement: Same as badge reimbursement, basically - you ask before or request after. The major difference is that this is not available to companies or sponsored gaming groups.
  3. Event Ticket Payment: If you added an additional fee for your events when you submitted them, then you also provided a payment name and address. A check will be sent to that information once ticket recon has been completed, about 6-8 weeks after the convention.

Does that answer your question?

Derek Guder
Senior Event & Program Manager
Gen Con LLC

Posted by treyalsup

Yes, Thank you Derek, it does.

In fact, once I found the events policy PDF that answered my questions.

But there is no delete post option! Or I would have used it. (seems like I can edit my post but not delete it...)

Thank you for you thorough response.

Posted by roderick

You can't delete posts, even your own. Only Forum admins can delete posts. 

On the other hand, this looks like a good informational thread now...

Roderick Robertson
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