Gaming Group Banner - allowed?
Posted by rong

AdvertisingThere is no flyering, postering, or show billing of any kind in or around any of the convention grounds, including the hotels. If caught, you may be asked to leave the convention and have your badge revoked without refund.

Are gaming group banners allowed? I've seen them at many conventions, and sparingly at Gen Con. Before I invest in one for my group, and just wanted to know if I can use it at Gen Con without worrying if it is against policies.

Posted by brotherbock

As I understand it, the prohibition is against sticking things to the walls, or handing out flyers that will be thrown away or on the floor (fun fact, they didn't use to have this ban...used to be bulletin boards, and a couple of us used to handbill the on-site badge line advertising our games :)

But if you've got a free-standing banner (like these: I think you'd be okay. But it'll be interesting to get an official word on this. I know that groups that were assigned to specific rooms have used these, this year included. Whether any group can use them is the question, but I'd think yes.

Posted by derekguder

The Event Host Policy has clear guidelines on what is allowed for banners, under EVENT MARKETING: BANNERS & SCENIC ELEMENTS: basically, a reasonable number of floor-standing pop-up banners that are no more than 6' wide and 8' tall. Further, if you have an HQ table, you can set up a 10' wide banner behind that.

Anything outside of those guidelines requires a marketing agreement, though the details may vary.

Anything within those guidelines does technically still need approval, though, so you're supposed to send in pictures of what the banners will look like so we can confirm there will be space for them on the floor plan.

Derek Guder
Senior Event & Program Manager
Gen Con LLC

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