Running Events with different companies
Posted by nebelwerfer41

Over the years, more and more game companies are organizing event submissions for their in-house systems (for example, they will ask for GMs and submit your events on your behalf to Gen Con). How does that work if one GM is running for multiple companies? For example, I submit two events through one publisher and three events through another. The number of players hours through each publisher is less than the qty required for a badge, but the total number of player-hours is enough to get a badge reimbursed. Is is possible to request a badge reimbursement from GenCon, or are those player-hours tracked separately?

Posted by rong

Event Organizers submit a form to allocate GM Badges. In effect, the gaming company/group that you run games for gets credit for those hours. How they allocate the GM Badges is up to them.

I would guess, in a case like this, that because those games are submitted under a gaming company/group, that as an individual you would be unable to be reimbursed for those from Gen Con as they were not "your" events. One of the gaming companies/groups would have to provide the GM Badge.

Posted by derekguder

Spreading your events across multiple companies means that the credit you generate is also spread amongst them - if you run events under someone else's banner, they are responsible for your events, badges, etc.

Ideally, one of them will still be able to cover your badge. If not, I would not recommend spreading yourself thin that way.

Derek Guder
Senior Event & Program Manager
Gen Con LLC

Posted by nebelwerfer41

Ok, I thought that would be the case, but I wanted to double-check.

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