GM Event Hours
Posted by kingsshadow

So for the GM event hours last year all my games were over 2 hours so I didn't really ask since they were all tickets at 2$ but if I was to run an event that's only an hour long will people still have to pay the 2$ ticket price? Also if I run a game that's an hour the hours still count towards GM hours since it's off the hours x player basis right?

Posted by buffythecatslayer

The minimum event ticket is $2/2 hours, even if your event is only 1 hour long.

Can't say definitively how those hours are counted to badge reimbursement, but from what I've read elsewhere, if your event is only 1 hour long, then you'd get credit for 1 hr * number of players.  

If you reserve a 2 hour block for your event, then you might get credit for 2 hrs * players even if the event ends early.  Hopefully a mod can clarify this.

Posted by kingsshadow

Thanks for the answer!

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