EO badge request + housing?
Posted by shadow5606

Hey there, I recently submitted my events for gencon 2020... I'll be teaching classes under the group name of Armored Brush Painting. 

Last year I did the same and submitted the organization badge request form... I can't recall when that badge was issued and if it was before or after the housing block opened. Last year I didn't stay downtown. 

This year, I'd like to go in for housing... I won't be teaching enough hours to get any EO/GM discounts, but I see that I need a badge associated my account to submit for the housing block. 

Is it possible to have the EO/GM company badge issued before the housing block goes live?

Posted by selene314

You can buy a badge now and then change it to a GM badge later.

The hotel reservation will still exist, but you might lose the ability to modify it.

Posted by derekguder

We won't be creating GM badge allocations before events are reviewed and Active, so you'll want to buy an attendee badge and have it reimbursed later once you've received your GM badge.

Derek Guder
Senior Event & Program Manager
Gen Con LLC

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