Paper vs Electronic Ticket recommendation
Posted by bryanjonker

Hello -- I'm an independent GM that just likes to run a few RPGs during GenCon. My wife will help me set up, but I don't have any other assistants...but I'm only running a single game with at most 8 people. I have both a late model Android phone and a laptop with a barcode reader (perks of being in an IT shop). 

Do you have any recommendations on the paper vs electronic ticket choice? I think I'm set up to do electronic tickets, but I wasn't sure if the intent was to just have larger groups use electronic tickets, and still run smaller shops and independent GMs with paper? 

Posted by funny-shaped dice

There is a whole sub forum under the Events forum. You should post this question there. Probably get quicker response from the people who should know!

Posted by derekguder

At small scales like individual RPG tables, I'd recommend electronic tickets. The process shouldn't take much longer than paper and you won't need to turn anything in, so it should only make things easier for you and your attendees.

Derek Guder
Senior Event & Program Manager

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