Any GM's need table-side help?
Posted by davinkluttz

Since my 2020 plan was to run games at Gary Con this year, thanks to Coronavirus, I've signed up for Gen Con. Unfortunately, I missed the deadline to run an event!

I am offering to collaborate, help with play-tests, assist/teach players, make handouts and maps, etc. Basically, I am trying to expand my experiences at the table, running games, and collaborating on content. I'll probably join a few games, but who needs a GM buddy?

I have experience as a GM for D&D 5e/2e/OGL, DCC/MCC/Dark Trails, and Shadowrun 5/6

Anyone need a partner or co-GM? Hit me up!

Posted by buffythecatslayer

You only missed the deadline to have the event in on May 17 when the events go on sale.  You can keep submitting events until mid-June, and they will be getting approved almost up until Gen Con starts.

Event host policy

Posted by davinkluttz

Excellent! Thanks buffythecatslayer.
I just need get my butt in gear, then! My offer still stands if someone is looking to collaborate, as well! Lots of extra time these days, so happy to do advance playtesting or critique in exhange for the same. :)

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