Event Submittion.
Posted by gib_rebeg

I don't want to cause any more of a stir in normal discussion. But why the long delay in event consideration this year.

I'm not talking about letting people register for events. I'm talking about events submitted, and yet to be accepted or approved.

Posted by dballing

I would encourage you to consider the possibility that the limited staff is currently trying to figure out if/how there's even going to be a con, and they might be a bit distracted at the moment.

  • If they're planning to cancel, there's a metric ton of work involved in that (and no need to vet your events).
  • If they're planning to postpone, there's a metric ton of work involved in that (and they're going to have to reconfirm with every GM that they're planning to come anyway).
  • If they're planning to move forward, there's a metric ton of work involved in that, since they'll have to sort out social distancing issues, sterilization requirements, determine which vendors can/can't come because of travel restrictions, which guests can/can't, which GMs/EOs can/can't? which¬†staff can/can't. What are food lines going to look like? What are the giant gaming halls going to look like? How about the tightly packed confernce-room ones? What is the retailer floor going to look like? Which vendors are going to be unhappy with that new version of the floor and pull out? What can be done to keep them?

The practical upshot is, no matter what's happening, the existing limited staff probably has about 10,000 things more urgent and timely than vetting events.

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