Can I sell optional (or required) kits for my virtual events?
Posted by indyupcycle

I normally run artsy SPA events. I'd like to participate in the virtual con, but I'm wondering how to deal with the materials people would need to do the classes. Some things they could improvise, but some classes I'd like to do would work best with specific items. Am I allowed to sell optional or required kits to my attendees that they could buy before or after the event to do the projects? If so, would I put a link in my description for where the kit is sold?

Posted by marimaccadmin

Hi Indyupcycle,

Good question!  There's two ways you can handle this.

If your class needs supplies that can be commonly found around the house, you can just list those in the long description, and/or message to registered players.  For instance "please have scissors and paper size 8 by 8 (scrapbook or plain ok) prepared and ready for class."

If your class requires more complicated supplies or a specific kit, you should provide a link for purchasing supplies in your long description or message to registered players, and that can link to a third party, such as a crafting store, OR, it can link to your own site on which to purchase the supplies.  (This is a change from how we normally do things for Gen Con Indy.)

We decided to go this way, in part, because of the concern that someone could purchase an expensive ticket, get a kit, and then electronically refund a ticket, which would be very uncool.

We do recognize that this is a tight shipping turnaround; we can end registration for events early if need be, but we do have to do that manually for each event that requires it, so we'd like to do that only if necessary.

Does that sound ok?  Let us know if we've overlooked anything.

Maria McBrine
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC

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