Not enough people in my event?
Posted by doublegold

What happens if you sign up to run an event, but not enough people sign up for it? It doesn't give the answer in the event host policy. I assume your event just doesn't run, and you can't collect the tickets, so nobody is charged. Like your event requires 10 people minimum, but you only get seven. Thirty minutes into your event time, you just don't get the other three people.

Posted by derekguder

You'll want to double-check the EHP and the submission videos again - everyone is charged when they buy ticket to the event, the charge isn't held until the event actually fires off.

If you don't get fewer that your submitted minimum number of players when you need to start your events, you will first want to try to recruit players from the "looking for players" Discord channel and see if you can adapt your event in any way to still work, just in case. If neither of those pan out and you just can't get enough players, then you need to notify Gen Con that the event has been canceled so that players can request a refund from customer service.

Derek Guder
Senior Event & Program Manager
Gen Con LLC

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