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Posted by jason r. williams

The GenCon Online policies suggest to use the offered Discord channels to look for players for open seats in your game but I could find no information on whether the players are still required to have a ticket as such last minute transaction maybe difficult.  Normal GenCon we would take generics to fill in players.  So will the ticketing system allow to purchase tickets after the start time?   How cumbersome will that be?  There really should be something listed for the suggested best practice for the situation which is recommended to look for players to fill in 15 minutes after event start time for no shows or empty seats.  Also, does the nessages to the players get rebriadcasted for anyone who adds a ticket after the messages?   For instance, if a player buys a ticket for an event which has messages, it would be really great if all previous messages were emailed to them right away.

Thanks Jason

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Posted by derekguder

All players in a game are required to have a ticket. A last-minute fill-in for an open seat doesn't get to play for free if everyone else paid, just because they got recruited late.

All tickets are digital, so a player can just buy the ticket online and get scanned in.

If the event was sold out and a seat is open because someone registered but didn't show, the GM will be able to issue a ticket to a player, adding it directly to their cart, and they just need to check out.

The process shouldn't be any more cumbersome than registering for any other game - we're all gonna have to be at our computers to play most of these games anyway.

Previous messages should be available, but they will not be sent to the user in bulk, I believe. They'll need to check the messages and scroll back.

Derek Guder
Senior Event & Program Manager
Gen Con LLC

Posted by aussietopescorts

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