Problem With GENCON Charge For Game
Posted by omegaom

I read the rules and I will post them here, but they say they charge %10 of the total price to post game.
I have a game with 6 players, that charged $10 a player.  Thats $60 + plus the $2 Gencon fee, so $72.  $7.20 is 10 percent, they charging me $16?

For events with a final cost equal to or greater than $20, an administration fee may be applied. The Gen Con base price is effectively increased by an additional 10% of the final event cost in order to cover credit card and processing fees. The final event cost will remain the same; the additional fee you requested will be reduced. Example: A 4-hour RPG in Gen Con Online would normally have a Gen Con base price of $2. If you submit an additional fee of $18, then the final price of the event will be $20. That incurs an admin fee of $2 (10% of the final cost), so you will ultimately receive only $16 per player ($18 minus the $2 admin fee). If the final event had cost $18 instead, there would not have been an administrative fee.

Posted by omegaom

Also, What if I get not players, do I still pay anything?


Posted by derekguder

You'll want to re-read the Event Host Policy, as it explains most of what I believe you are asking here.

  1. There is only a 10% admin fee when the final price of a ticket is equal to or greater than 10x the Gen Con base price. For Gen Con Online, the base price is a flat $2, so the admin fee only applies to events that are $20 or more - it's not applicable in your case.
  2. You are never directly charged for events. The admin fee is dedicated from the amount you would be paid, based on tickets you've turned in for your event. There's no invoice sent to you, and if you get no players, there's nothing to pay you and nothing to deduct from your payment.

Does that answer your question, both in the specific and general sense?

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Derek Guder
Senior Event & Program Manager
Gen Con LLC

Posted by omegaom

Yes thank you for clarification Derek. 


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