Event system does not save Gamemaster ID
Posted by toxic_rat

The event registration page is not saving the "Gamemaster" field on the first pass through.  If I click "Save for Later" this field is not saved.

Posted by marimaccadmin

IS anyone else having this problem?

Marian McBrine
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC

Posted by noone

I did too.  After submitting I up dated one event and saw game master wasn’t saved so I updated it and checked the others.  None had it saved.

Posted by toxic_rat

I should have also added that going back and editing a second time saved the GM info.  For what it's worth, I'm on chrome on windows 10.

Posted by noone

Manjaro with Firefox.

Posted by derekguder

Can both of you send an email to [email protected] with the IDs of some of the events where you ran into this issue, so we can look into it further? Thanks!

Derek Guder
Director of Events
Gen Con LLC

Posted by toxic_rat

It is working for me now.  Weird techno-glitch, I guess.

Posted by maxxkingston

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