On-Line AND In-Person
Posted by nascragman

Right now Nascrag's plan is to have both an On-Line and In-Person presence for Gen Con.  Do we need to have separate Event Organizers?

I'm going to be in-person so I won't actually be involved in running the On-line events during Gen Con.

Posted by derekguder

You do not need to have a separate organization - they system is set up to treat Gen Con Indy and Gen Con Online as two separate conventions, basically.

As the event organizer, however, you should expect that some of your attention may be called to the online side of things over the course of the convention.

Derek Guder
Director of Events
Gen Con LLC

Posted by taylorgeorge

Oh, I see, I also thought that they should need to have a separate event org. for these 2. Thank you for the advise since we will also have an upcoming event this December. Walkways

Posted by davidson02

Hello. When will your event take place this December? 

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