Submitted Events Status Benchmarking
Posted by msteinbo

Hi all, with the 7/2 catalog available date approaching, benchmarking what status your submitted events are in.  Anyone get accepted yet?  I’m still in SR and curious if that’s where most EO’s are at.  Thanks!

Posted by catlin

I would imagine they are swamped right now, since normally the acceptance stage has a few months to do, instead of a single month. 

Posted by quiltoni

I actually submitted most of mine right away on Sunday and haven't had any confirmed yet.  I had a panic moment thinking classes went live Saturday with Gencon online registration thinking there wasn't much time.

Thank you for easing my panic!

Posted by catlin

Yeah. They will get there! If they have problems with an event they will notify us.

Posted by blareblare2

That's right. In my experience, I got a response a week after I submitted and yeah, they sent notice if they have concerns about your submission.

Posted by jackie lou

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Posted by johnsjvi95

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Posted by gohotcon

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Posted by taszerl

Just wondering if anyone has had their early event submissions accepted yet?

Posted by toxic_rat

Not me.  I'm still at SR.

Posted by mike tan

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