Possible glitch on ticketing?
Posted by catlin

I noticed when I downloaded the spreadsheet today that two of my events are listed as e-ticket that I thought I listed as paper ticket. (We tend to run in hotels without good data signal.) When my players are buying tickets though it is asking for them to pay for shipping to get the tickets sent to them, or pick up at Will Call. 

Is this normal? Should they be paying for shipping if it is e-ticket, or does this mean the event is actually paper tickets after all? While I am not unwilling to do a small run to try the e-ticketing, I have some very confused players!

Posted by derekguder

They should have already chosen ship-to-me or Will Call when their badge was purchased, unless someone else bought it for them.

Email [email protected] with the specific event IDs and confirmation of exactly what your players are reporting (if you can quote the text from them, that would be great).

Derek Guder
Director of Events
Gen Con LLC

Posted by catlin

Thanks Derek. One of them sent me his receipt, and that will be included. 

Posted by soulmate19

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