"Roll20 Event Support for Gen Con Online" ?
Posted by kishmo

I received an EO/GM email from Gen Con, with a 'sponsored post' blurb from roll20, about roll20 offering:

  • Copies of specific titles, prepped and ready for organized play.
  • Pro subscription codes and access to Marketplace content so you can take advantage of the full suite of features Roll20 has to offer.
  • A direct line of communication with our marketing and licensing teams for on-demand support leading up to your event. 

...but there's no links, or further details, about how to access these resources, what this "direct line of communication" is, etc.

Has anyone seen any info on this? It'd be great if there were organized play adventures pre-built, or codes for roll20 Account Upgrades (for like, Dynamic Lightning or something) to take advantage of!

Posted by derekguder

If you email [email protected] we can put you in touch with them - we're happy to pass your info along :)

Derek Guder
Director of Events
Gen Con LLC

Posted by andomthe

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Posted by justicehwrk

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Posted by jackie lou

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