GEN CON INDY 2022 Event Timeline
Posted by biffindy

Will the Event Timeline for Gen Con Indy 2022 follow something similar to years prior to COVID (e.g., 2020 and prior)?  Has an event timeline been posted anywhere.  

Prior to COVID, early event submissions would begin on or around the Jan/Feb timeframe.  Curious if that is the expectation for 2022.

Posted by roderick

I've been told that they’re working on updating stuff for 2022 - the delayed dates for 2021 have delayed a lot of things in the fall - and the timeline for 2022 will be confirmed when the Event Host Policy is updated and released in 2022.

Roderick Robertson
Forum Coordinator 
Gen Con, LLC. 

Posted by biffindy


Posted by davidson02

Thanks. I'm so excited!

Posted by albertopyhy

Great! Looking forward to the update next year, Thanks. Seo Gainesville

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