Event Organizer requirements
Posted by darth_fraggle

Hello folks, I'm looking through the event policy for 2022, and I'm not seeing the requirement to run events all four days. I was told last year that they would only approve the space if you could use it all four days of the event, is that going to be the case for this year?

Posted by noone

By event organizers are you talking submitting and running events as a group or contracted space where you rent space for exclusive use?  In the first case that was not a requirement.  As for contracted space it would be yes.  Have you read the event host guide?

Posted by darth_fraggle

As I mentioned above, I'm reading the 2022 event host policy looking for the information, I don't see it and I want to make sure I'm not missing it. Last year Gen Con announced that only a curated list of event holders would be contacted to run events. I inquired under what conditions they might make exceptions and I was told you have to run events for all four days of the con. If that were some mix-up where I'm asking as a group, and they assumed I meant contracted space, well shucks.

Posted by derekguder

It is not a requirement this year, the Event Host Policy specifically mentions that event submission is open to everyone again.

Those restrictions were only for 2021 and should not be taken as a precedent for the future.

Derek Guder
Director of Events
Gen Con LLC

Posted by conspiracyofgamers

I'm the Event Organizer for a group of independent GM's.  While it's not a requirement to join a group, we'd be happy to help out with event submissions this year.  

Posted by jackie lou

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