How to submit a special event?
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Hello, wondering if anyone can assist me with figuring out who to contact for special events for a live broadcast at the con of a game.  I work with a group that does a podcast  that wants to do a live show at the con. Need to know what I need to do to get the room set up, how to ticket the event, etc. Also how to submit panels, special guests, etc.  Is there a person I can reach out to for help on this?  Thank you!

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Send an email to [email protected]. It'll get routed to the right person. 

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roderick wrote:
Send an email to [email protected]. It'll get routed to the right person. 

Posted by derekguder

Ultimately, from everything you listed you will simply need to submit the event using the event submission form. Seminars are a default event type. Special guests and streaming may complicate things, but you can note details in the special requests field. If no special accommodates need to be provided from Gen Con to handle the special guest or streaming (because you'll have your own equipment, etc.) it should be pretty straightforward.

But emailing directly to confirm is never a bad idea, either - just make sure to be specific and go into detail on what you are planning on doing and what special exception you may need to host the event.

Derek Guder
Director of Events
Gen Con LLC

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