Gm schedule and Events registration
Posted by nyxtesseract

I'm an events organizer with events on every day, and I've currently got myself assigned as the only GM on all my events because I'm not locking in my team's exact schedule until after events registration opens. Does my status as GM block me out as "unavailable" if I try to register for events? Should I remove myself as the GM for now? (And as the EO - even if I remove myself, I can still request my GM badges for my team, based on my gaming company's total number of hours, right?)

Posted by derekguder

It does not automatically block out your schedule - but remember that the GM field is optional. You are not required to list any GM on any event, so you don't need to list yourself if you're not actually going to be the one running the event.

So feel free to remove yourself as the GM, if you want to avoid any potential confusion (since those events will appear on your schedule, at least).

Derek Guder
Director of Events
Gen Con LLC

Posted by nyxtesseract

Perfect - thanks so much!

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