Notification for EO/GM Housing Block?
Posted by toxic_rat

   I received the email from GenCon regarding the cancellation charges that are going into effect on June 14.  I've applied for a room in the EO/GM block, and I'm hoping to get confirmation of that before the cancellation date.  Any word on if this will be possible?

  I do know that I can email [email protected], but I wanted to ask here first, in case others had experience to share from previous years.  We had a room last year, but with the compressed schedule and everything else about 2021, I don't think that's a good measure of how things usually happen.


Posted by derekguder

We’re processing hotels for event organizers and GMs now, but we’re also at Origins, so it’s unlikely that everyone will get confirmation before June 14.

GMs who need to cancel a room in the general Gen Con block because they got a room in the GM block can coordinate with Q-Rooms to waive the cancelation fee. That fee is more about folks canceling their trip entirely, not shifting room inventory from one block to another.

Derek Guder
Director of Events
Gen Con LLC

Posted by toxic_rat

Thanks for the update!

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