Posted by ladyek

Are we allowed to note at our game tables that we are raising money for Extra Life and have a QR code that people can scan if they wish to donate?

I don't want to push people but I would like to bring awareness and will be taking photos of our in progress games to post on our fundraising page (not players, just the board/playing surface overview).

Posted by derekguder

You are not permitted to take money or require donations from any players, but if you want to have a flyer or let people know where to go to make a donation directly to the organization, that's fine.

Derek Guder
Director of Events
Gen Con LLC

Posted by stephaniehuntley

Hi, I also want to know whether I am allowed to ask for it and thanks to you for answering my question. I was about to ask the same question by posting a new thread but after reading your post, now, I don't need to ask. I always like to donate money and also ask other people to donate money. They can give money to me or they can directly pay the organization. Even, with the help of, I have also taken a loan to give donations. I love to help other people who in need.

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