Ticket status tab
Posted by agent_duchovny

When I look at the list of people who have bought tickets for one of my events, the Tickets/Status column has a number in the ticket icon. What does that mean? Just the total number of tickets that person has purchased for all their events?

Posted by noone

It would mean they bought more than one ticker.  Scroll to the bottom of your events description down to tickets it will list everyone with a ticket including those bought for them by someone else.  Also when down by the tickets section click on the tickets report for more info like who bought which ticket for who.

Posted by agent_duchovny

The events have a max of 20 players and many of the numbers are in the teens. So that doesn’t add up. I’ll take a look at the report. Thanks for the response. 

Posted by agent_duchovny

The names in the report don't always match the names on the page. Also, the numbers in the ticket icons are constantly changing even if I just let the browser sit there. Weird!

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