Do you need another GM?
Posted by j.m.dubs

Hello, very simply I'm looking for anyone that has extra space in a hotel close to the convention center that could use someone to run games for them. 

I've already got a pass for the week I just could use a closer place to stay. I'm a very practiced GM of over a decade mostly in D20 systems but also learning a new system isn't gonna be hard for me. I'm also a professional actor so if you really really want your games to be story heavy I'm what you're looking for.

Sorry if there are better ways to look for this than a new post, I'm new to Gen Con.

Posted by sarausa0106

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Posted by derekguder

I would recommend that you reach out directly to organizations running events to see if they need help. Baldman Games in particular is almost always looking for more GMs.

Derek Guder
Director of Events
Gen Con LLC

Posted by niko0508

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