CoGG is looking for GMs! You are a GM! We are looking for you!
Posted by fishbonegeneral

My name's Paul, and I'm the Logistics Director of City of Glass Games (more commonly known as CoGG), a group that organizes and puts on events at GenCon every year.

As a company, we place highest emphasis on telling good stories. On creating meaningful and immersive experiences for our players that focus on the intellectual and emotional, rather than on a character sheet. We want our players to tell epic stories after leaving our games and never talk about critical hits or experience points.Each member of our staff has years of experience running games, and my logistics team has been organizing events successfully for more than six years.We're looking to expand our staff, which is where you come in.In exchange for running games under our flag, we're offering a free 4 day GM badge, along with logistical support, access to our library of sourcebooks, and an unlimited supply of high fives and/or fist bumps.If any of this sounds like you, then we want to work with you to make great memories for you and your players.Send an email to [email protected] for more information. We have a number of slots open, but I expect them to fill quickly, so speed is your friend.We look forward to working with you

Posted by derekguder

Do you have specific game systems you're looking to find GMs for? And do you have a general minimum required to get a badge through the group?

If you do any group activities during the con, might be a good idea to plug them. Prospective GMs might be interested in that, too.

Derek Guder
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC

Posted by fishbonegeneral

Thanks for pointing that out, Derek!

We ask our GMs to run a minimum of 8 hours of ticketed games to earn a GM badge.  There's some flexibility there, though.  If you want to run a small LARP with 20 players, we could talk about running fewer hours, but if your game has a maximum player count of 3, we're going to ask you to run more sessions of it.

We also run a multi-night, multi-genre Classic World of Darkness LARP that we'd love to have you attend.

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