Do You Like Board Games? Recruiting GMs for Council of Lorien
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Do you like board games? So do we! The Council of Lorien is looking for additional GMs that are interested in running games that they like!  We specialize in running board games, but occasionally drift outside of that realm.  We have been recognized as a Premier group for the past 6 years.  CoL started hosting events at Gen Con back in 2000, running multiple events of the old Middle Earth Collectible Card Game.  Starting in 2008, we began to branch out into other games we enjoyed, like Battlestar Galactica, Descent (1st and 2nd Edition), Arkham Horror, Smallworld, Elder Sign and Bang!.  Pretty much any game that we enjoy playing, we've tried to run events for it at Gen Con.  We avoid running events that are overpopulated, like any type of train game (The Train Gamers Association runs a ton of these events and has this space well covered).  We've found that longer games are great because we can 1 - 3 copies of the game at once and get a lot of players in that way.

So why join us?  Well, probably the biggest perk is getting a free badge.  You can get a badge by running as few as 2 games (about 8 hours) throughout the weekend, depending on length and number of players.  If you want to run enough events, we can also work out some hotel compensation as well.  It all depends how much you want to do.  What kind of events will you run?  Only ones that you are interested in.  We strongly believe that having GMs who love the games they are GMing makes for a better experience for the players.  We pride ourselves in teaching a game well so that the players have the most fun they can in playing it.  The key to being a successful, small game group is providing that great experience that makes players want to look for your events again next year.  

Every year is a little bit different. We run the same core games, but always add one or two newer ones to see how they will do.  Sometimes they've been a huge hit and we add them to the list for the next year. Other times they've flopped or had too much coverage from other groups so we've dropped them the next year.  But we aren't afraid to try something once.  

The most important characteristic we're looking for is a passion for gaming.  Being able to teach a game is also a big plus, but when you're excited about a game that part comes pretty naturally.  So if you've every thought about being a GM, or you're an independent GM looking to join up with a bigger group that has Premier status, shoot me a message and let's talk!  My e-mail is josh AT hunholz DOT com.

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How can I reach out to you?

Posted by jhunholz

Email is easiest: josh AT hunholz DOT com

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Cool - glad you've gotten some interest already, as well.

If your group does any social gatherings during the con, might want to let prospective GMs know, too.

Derek Guder
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC

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