clarification on if 70 hours is available hours or what it filled
Posted by kruhland

It may seem obvious to some, but the last time I GMed for Gencon it was in Milwaukee and you had to run 3 games at 4 hours. With the new 70 player hours, I assume its available hours you setup, like 6 hours times 12 players is 72 hours, regardless if 12 people sign up or not.  I'm looking at running some games on the 2015 games people wanted to play but were full on Saturday so I assume they'll fill, but you never know

Posted by jerrytel

Yes - that is how it works

Posted by derekguder

Player-hours for reimbursement (whether badge or hotel) is based on your approved schedule, not final attendance.

As long as you show up, prepared to run your game, you're OK, even if your whole table flakes out. We don't punish GMs if they get unlucky that way.

And players-hours is basically duration x players, yes. The Event Host Policy goes into a great deal more detail, but if you have any questions, just give the specifics of your event.

Derek Guder
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC

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