garhkal wrote:
For those of you who run events where you are using Pre-generated characters for what ever reason (lets say its a tournement module), how do you do them?
Do you write out everything, leaving nothing for the players to customize on it?
Do you do just the base stuff, giving the player a lot to customize?
Are you somewhere in the middle?
How many do you make up?  Say the event is for 4-6 players.. Do you just make 6 characters up??  More?
Do you give some notes on stuff on the sheet (such as say a quick rundown on what an item does/spell does)?  Do you make that as a separate hand out or other 'token" (like for ADND, if the player has a potion, do you say make a 3x5 card for said potion he can hand in when it gets used up)??
What else do you do?

For my tabletops, I usually sketch in the stats and give a broad personality outline, or party role.  Last year I ran a heist game, and the characters were built around roles within that milieu.  There was a Bruiser, a Wheelman, and a Tech Whiz, among other roles.  In my less serious games, I'll just write up whatever sounds fun, and tell players to add anything they think is appropriate, or that they think I've missed.