19 & One is recruiting for GM's
Posted by grtbrt

19 & One -Indiana's largest permanent Gaming club is looking for GM's .
We run (almost)every type of game imaginable-you likely saw our 3d Game of Thrones and the Mordheim Tables -and are always looking for GM's to help us
If you have always wanted to run a game we can help. Run 1 or 2 or 12.  Newcomers welcome. You do not have to be from Indiana.
Here are just a few of the perks to being a 19 & One GM
GM Badge
Ability to store your stuff (within reason)
Free Access to Drinks and snacks during Gencon
If you run Miniatures -we have the terrain so you won't need to bring it . 
You pick the game(s) you want to run .
Exclusive 19 & One GM shirt .
Likely the best quality evening adult libations at Gencon( for those of drinking age ). One of our GM's is a professional Sommelier and wine consultant  
Special discounts at a number of Gencon Vendors.

Please contact Kevin Carroll 
[email protected]

Thank you


Posted by cornlime

One thing I will add:

The folks that run games for 19&1 generally supply their own personal copies of the game. (We're a smaller club and don't have an extensive library like GameBase7 or Rouge Judges.) That means that if you are interested in GMing for us, we normally ask that you bring a copy of the game with you.

However, if you don't want to have to lug your game all the way to Indianapolis, we might be able to loan you a copy. Just shoot us an email asking if we have it. Or we can supply you a list of games we have, and you can look through the list to see what you'd be willing to run.

Posted by orius42

Kevin I live in Indy and would love to GM an event or 2. I play many different games, and I was thinking of submitting for doing a intro D&D event anyway my email is [email protected] let me know if I can be of help.


Posted by rogueleader

FYI, nearly all of the Rogue Judge games are our own personal copies, not sure about those Rouge Judges though.


Posted by searingpain

I would love to GM for you at GenCon. I know it's short notice but I have 8 years of D&D GMing experience. Do you need 3.5 or 5e GMs at all?

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