Legend of the Five Rings (RPG)
Posted by ahorsewithnoname

With Fantasy Flight having purchased the L5R license will there be any groups running the 4th Edition RPG? I would like to but I would rather be part of a group running sessions instead of a lone GM trying to make it in the world.

Posted by derekguder

There will still be people running the game. I believe that Heroes of Rokugan is planning on having a schedule similar to what they had last year, at least. If you want to run the game as part of a group, I would recommend talking to them about joining up.

Derek Guder
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC

Posted by sabel

I plan on running L5R 4th Ed at least one game. I have run the system in the past as a pick up or for friends but this year I am coming with 3 other GMs and we will be running a total of 9 events using D&D 4E, L5R 4thEd, and either Star Wars (FFG) and or Savage Supers. We plan on running Thur two times and Friday AM. to allow people the chance to play in several events that we all run.
Contact me if you want to work with us.

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