My tournament size was decreased from 64 to 16?
Posted by boardcrunch

How do I find out why my submitted events were cut from 64 to 16 max players? That is VERY small for a tournament and does not warrant the 6 hours I allocated for the event. Almost not worth running honestly at 16 people at GenCon. Who should I contact?

Posted by boardcrunch

Wow, spam bots killing the forums!

Posted by marimaccadmin

You would contact [email protected]

Posted by derekguder

I got your email and will respond directly shortly, but just wanted to post in the thread as well to say that I frequently cut events down (sometimes dramatically) to what appears to be historical attendance levels.

That's no always perfect, though. Sometimes I miss some events, data is incomplete, or there is some other mitigating factor.

Any time an event is edited in way that you don't think is correct (max players, title, description, game system, etc.), just let me konw and explain why you think it should be something else.

Just keep in mind that if we made a change, it was for a reason, so you'll want to present some evidence to back up your claim.

I'll respond to your email directly, xwingevents.

Derek Guder
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC

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